The drunken driving case against polo mogul, John Goodman, that caused the death of a 23-year-old man, has come to an end. Goodman equally made headlines for adopting his girlfriend in an attempt at protecting his assets. The 48-year-old millionaire received a 16 year sentence and a fine of ten-thousand dollars, for vehicular homicide. He was found guilty in March in the DUI manslaughter case.

Circuit Judge Jeffrey Colbath spoke to the two families involved: “Nothing good is going to happen from this,” Colbath said. “My sentence isn’t going to change anything.”

The sentence is a little more than the plea deal Goodman was offered by the prosecution to serve 15 years. Goodman refused, insisting on only serving three years in prison. The maximum allowed is 30 years.
The parents of the victim, Scott Wilson, sued Goodman for the man’s death, which prompted Goodman to shield his assets by adopting Laruso Hutchins, his girlfriend.

Polo Mogul John Goodman Adopts Girlfriend