Navy to Build Stealth Warship

The U.S. Navy is working on building the first Stealth Warship. The ship boasts a wave-piercing hull that leaves almost no wake. Manned by half the crew it takes for a ship now, it also has an electric drive propulsion, advanced sonar and missiles. This large warship will be able to sail shallow waters as well as the deep seas.

These features, to the U.S., make this ship a necessity against China’s Navy, which they have been modernizing lately.

The biggest problem with the Navy’s new ship is the $3 billion price tag.

The Navy first wanted to build 32 of these ships, but include R&D cost and the price jumps to $7 billion.

The U.S. Government is only willing to pay for 7 stealth warships. China adds their 2 cents, saying it would only take a bunch of explosive laden fishing ships to destroy the new warship.

Navy To Build New Stealth Destroyer

Navy To Build New Stealth Destroyer