Boxer Once Took Down ‘Miami Cannibal’

Melton Bowen a former heavy weight boxing champion says that he knew Rudy Eugene the now infamous “Miami Cannibal”. He first met him in 2007 when they were both working at a flea market. They had a disagreement over music and Rudy became upset and started taking off his shirt. He was preparing to fight and told Bowen, “I’m going to kill you!”

He did not know who Bowen was and had no idea he was a boxer. Bowen saw him take his shirt off and instinct took over. He used his right hook and knocked him out with one punch. The fight was over before it could start.

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Police were called to the incident at the time, but no charges were filled as Bowen had defended himself.

Bowen stated that, “After you got to know him, he was an okay guy”. He considered Rudy a friend. He was shocked to learn what had happened and could not believe that Eugene could be that violent, that any man could do that.

While the violence that took place of the Memorial Day weekend was gruesome and awful, many people that knew Rudy Eugene cannot believe that he would or could do such a thing. It is believed that he was under the influence of designer drugs at the time called “bath salts”. Although that will not be known for sure till the investigation into this brutal crime is over.

Rudy Eugene And Melton Bowen Talked In 2007: 'I'm Going To Kill You'

Rudy Eugene And Melton Bowen Talked In 2007: 'I'm Going To Kill You'