Sho Yano, University Of Chicago Student, To Become Youngest M.D. In History

If you have ever seen the popular TV show “Doogie Howser M.D.”, you may have thought to yourself how incredibly difficult that would be. You may have even thought that it is a far-fetched idea, but it can be a reality.

Sho Yano, who is currently a 21-year-old student at the University of Chicago, is soon to be a doctor.

He began his path of knowledge when he was just two years old by learning to read. He worked his way up from there and began his college studies when he was just nine years old. Yano is currently the youngest person to graduate from the University of Chicago’s Pritzker School of Medicine.

“I remember interviewing him … this nice, polite, 11-year-old boy, dressed in a little suit,” said Joel Scwab, a professor of pediatrics who was on the admissions committee. “He was never going to be among typical 11-year-olds, where his mother would drive him to Little League. He was going to be a doctor.”

Although he is not the youngest M.D., he should be honored to have accomplished so much at such a young age.

It was thought that he would be the youngest M.D., but that title is still retained by Dr. Bala Ambati who was only 17 years old when he graduated from Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York. He had gained this amazing title in 1995.

Youngest MD: Sho Yano A Doc At 21 (PHOTO)

Youngest MD: Sho Yano A Doc At 21 (PHOTO)