A black bear that has been tested to have eaten the remains of a convicted murderer named Rory Nelson Wagner, has been killed.

Rory Nelson Wagner was convicted of second-degree murder in 1994 for murdering a Langley, B.C. man.

Rory Nelson Wagner had been living in Kamloops before being reported missing 10 days ago. It appears he died in his car, at 54 and a black bear pulled him out of his vehicle before proceeding to eat him.

Environment Minister, Terry Lake, said the bear was put down because it remembers where it derived its food and also, no longer shuns away from eating humans. Therefore, it would be a hazard to other humans if it was kept alive.

The typical black bear diet consists of 85% vegetation, but they also hunt salmon and white-tailed deer. Additionally, they present a fondness for honey and eat the larvae of yellow-jackets as well as ants and their larvae.

Convicted Murderer Rory Nelson Killed By Bear