It’s not uncommon to see busy people place their cup of coffee on the roof of the car while they unlock it, only to forget about it and have it land on the road, but forgetting a child on the roof is not such a humorous event. Catalina Clouser, a 19-year-old Phoenix resident, apparently did just that this past weekend when leaving a friend’s house.

After smoking marijuana with her boyfriend during the day, and then with friends that night, Clouser placed her 5-week-old in his car seat and put it on top of the car when leaving to return home.

Forgetting about the baby, the car seat fell off the car into an intersection with the child still strapped in.

Luckily, people stopped to help the child, who was amazingly unharmed. The child was placed in foster care and the mom was charged with D.U.I. and felony child abuse.

Mother Drives Off With Baby On Car Roof: Baby Unharmed