Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson defy the odds in Hollywood by being married for 23 years. The couple met on the set of the comedy TV show “Bosom Buddies”. Their relationship became serious when they worked together in the 1985 film “Volunteers”. Tom Hanks married Rita after his divorce from his first wife was finalized in 1988. The celebrity couple have two children together.

Hank’s was previously married to Samantha Lewes from 1978 to 1987. They also have two children together. Hanks has starred in and directed several films in different genres. He is most famous for his role in Forest Gump, where he played a simple minded man with a good heart. Tom Hanks is a fantastic actor on the big screen and he also knows how to maintain a marriage. His various acting roles have touched the hearts of many people. Several celebrity couples could learn something from Tom and Rita.

Tom Hanks And Rita Wilson Defy Odds: Married 23 Years