Mother posed as dead son to collect $151,000 from insurance company

When a mother loses her child, the grieving process can be long and painful.

Apparently a grieving Atlanta-area mom also saw an opportunity to make some money in her sad situation.

After her son died in a car accident in December of 2002, Donna Ellis Gibbs posed as her son to take out a life insurance policy. She then changed information on the police reports and death certificates to make them look like her son died in April of 2003. After submitting her claim, Monumental Life Insurance Company sent Gibbs a check for $151,000.

Gibb’s ex-husband, and the father of her late son, uncovered her scheme in 2008, and submitted the original documents to the life insurance company.

As a result, Gibbs was convicted of insurance fraud and sentenced to 20 years probation.

She will have to perform 200 hours of community service as well as undergo drug and alcohol evaluation and treatment. Gibbs will also be paying back the money to Monumental Life Insurance Company.

Mom Posed As Dead Son To Collect Life Insurance

Mom Posed As Dead Son To Collect Life Insurance