President Writes Absence Note for Child

A teacher in Rochester, Minnesota, got quite the shock when one of his student’s brought in a note to him about why he was absent from school last Friday.

The teacher read the note which was signed by President Barack Obama. The note asked to excuse eleven year old Tyler Sullivan from school that day because Tyler was meeting the President.

Sullivan, who was sitting in the VIP area at the speech Obama was giving in nearby Golden Valley.

After the speech, Obama shook hands with Sullivan, and noted that he must be taking the day off from school.

Sullivan responded he had. That’s when the president pulled out official presidential paper as well as a pen, and wrote a note to excuse the boy’s absence from school.

Tyler has admitted to getting other autographs from people, but this is the best one by far. Hopefully the teacher excused him.

Obama Writes Absence Note For 5th Grader (PHOTO)

Obama Writes Absence Note For 5th Grader (PHOTO)