Victim 4 is ready to testify against ex-Penn State coach, Jerry Sandusky and has handed over love letters allegedly written by Sandusky to the prosecution.

According to Victim 4, he was around twelve years old and a member of the Second Mile program when the sexual abuse began.

Described as “creepy and bizarre”, prosecutor’s have read the letters and concluded that they support the victim’s claims of abuse .

A November 2011 grand jury report states that the former coach used “guilt and bribery” to control his abusive relationships.

Gifts that Victim 4 were given include marijuana, cigarettes, money and sportswear. The victim also attended Sandusky’s 1998 Outback Bowl Party and went with the former coach to the 1999 Alamo Bowl. Victim 4 was even allowed to smoke marijuana in the former coach’s car.

The attorney, Ben Andreozzi, told ABC, “They have evidence to support his allegations, and there‚Äôs other evidence that has not been released to the public yet that I think will really resonate with the jury.”

According to ABC, one of the letters describes a love story between a boy and a man and was written in the third person.

Sandusky faces fifty-two counts of child sexual abuse against ten boys during a span of fifteen years.

Sandusky's Alleged Love Letters To Victims

Sandusky's Alleged Love Letters To Victims