A popular Tennessee man has been injured after a recent break in at his Johnson City home.

Rob Williams, who is a weatherman at the WJHL-TV station, had woken up in the wee hours of the morning by a strange noise.

Upon investigation Williams saw his former roommate, Gerald Taylor, in his home.

After an altercation, Williams was shot at with a crossbow that Taylor had brought with him.

Williams, who was not critically wounded, was able to sprint away from the home before calling the authorities.

It was also released that Taylor tried shooting Williams with a pistol as he was escaping.

Authorities arrived on the scene shortly after, and found Taylor hiding by Williams boat dock.

Upon further investigation it was revealed that Williams and Taylor had been roommates up until a few weeks ago, and Williams had a protection order against Taylor.

The reasons of why they split have not been released.

Taylor has been charged with attempted first-degree murder.

Tennesse Weatherman Shot By Crossbow