Actor, Charlie Sheen, talks about his recent troubles and being fired from the crowd pleasing comedy, “Two and a Half Men” in an upcoming issue of Rolling Stone Magazine to be released on Friday.

Sheen left the popular TV series last year after a string of drug induced public rants that put his career in jeopardy.

The entertainer just did an interview with Rolling Stone and spoke frankly about his past meltdowns. “I was in total denial,” he was quoted as saying.

The celebrity also spoke about his drinking problem, ”I mean, the s*** works. Sorry, but it works. Anyway, I don’t see what’s wrong with a few drinks. What’s your drink? Tequila? Mine’s vodka. Straight, because I’ve always said that ice is for injuries, ha ha.”

The star will soon appear in a new made for TV series on FX called, “Anger Management” scheduled to start as early as this summer.

Charlie Sheen Admits Total Denial

Charlie Sheen Admits Total Denial