Bruce Campbell has plans to create a unique dream home in the forested hills outside of Hillsboro, Oregon.

While most of us think of a beautiful traditional home as the perfect dream house, Campbell has a different view.

Campbell intends to refit a retired Boeing 727-200 passenger plane into his dream home. He has already moved into the plane and has extensive plans to remodel the former jet into a comfortable and spacious living space.

The seats in the main cabin have been removed and there are stacks of boxes filled with Campbells’s belongings.

Campbell has been living in and slowly remodeling the plane into a home since 1999.

The plane is equipped with running water for the toilet, shower, and laundry room. The future dream home is fully electric, but there is no television or radio as of yet.

“Aircraft, when turned into a home, provide a whole new experience,” he told CNN.

He admits it’s “not for everybody”, but he loves it.

Campbell has created a Web site to extol his renovation progress.

Man Turns 727 Jet Into His Dream House In Oregon