President Barack Obama’s many celebrity connections for raising money for this year’s presidential race has inspired radio commentator Rush Limbaugh to begin calling him “Barack Kardashian”.

Limbaugh has chastised the president for spending all of his time cozying up to celebrities for campaign contributions rather than addressing the serious financial needs of the nation and for being completely out of touch with regular Americans and what they need.

Limbaugh complains that Obama’s jetting around the country to attend star-studded fund raising events has made him a male version of vapid reality star Kim Kardashian and that he continues to be farther out of touch from the harsh financial realities that most Americans are experiencing during the ongoing Recession and high levels of unemployment.

The White House press secretary fired back, dismissing Limbaugh’s insulting comparisons of the commander in chief and reporting that millions of Americans have supported the president and his upcoming campaign with small donations.

Rush Limbaugh's "Barack Kardashian" Comment Draws Fire