In confusion and error Starbucks apologized for the Irish remarks recently made on Twitter. As part of their Diamond Jubilee promotion the company posted a tweet towards 2,000 Irish followers saying “Happy hour is on! Show us what makes you proud to be British for a chance to win. Don’t forget to tag #MyFrappucino” The Irish blogging and twitter community instantly repelled, demanding an apology for the insincere remark.

One Irish twitter follower even tweeted; “Right now someone in a Starbucks in Ireland is wishing there was Twitter version of the memory wipe thing from Men In Black.” Another person stated, “Clearly the doofus running Starbucks Ireland account is British.”

Three hours of backlash continued until Starbucks finally apologized, saying “We erroneously posted to our Irish twitter page meaning to post to the UK only.

Customers in Ireland: We’re sorry.” Starbucks later went on to say, “First and foremost we apologise to our Irish customers for the mistake made on Twitter this afternoon.”

Starbucks Sorry For Irish Twitter Gaffe