Anyone that has a fascination with their favorite character from either a movie or cartoon has probably dressed as that character out in public.

April Spielman, a fan of Tinkerbell, made a lavish costume to wear when attempting to enter Disney’s Animal Kingdom amusement park, but her attempt was foiled and she was denied entry. The 15 year old was denied entrance with her costume on because security, even though she was allowed to enter Hollywood Studios with her costume. Spielman stated that it took her over three hours to dress up as Tinkerbell.

Spielman was later notified by a Disney theme park representative that dressing up as a Disney character goes against the theme park’s policy. Spielman said that after security would not allow her to enter the Animal Kingdom amusement park she was in tears. Spielman stated that she dressed up like Tinkerbell to add more excitement to her visit at Disney.

Tinkerbell Fan Gets A Rude Awakening: Brought To Tears