Long Running Car Talk Ends in September
Tom and Ray Magliozzi, the brothers that host Car Talk on National Public Radio have announced that they will no longer be creating new episodes after September.

The comedy filled mechanic show started in Boston and has been on the air for twenty-five years. NPR will keep older versions of the show on indefinetly.

“We’ve managed to avoid getting thrown off NPR for 25 years, giving tens of thousands of wrong answers and had a hell of a time every week talking to callers,” Ray Magliozzi said. “The stuff in our archives still makes us laugh. So we figured, why keep slaving over a hot microphone?”

Car Talk airs on Saturday mornings and is the most popular program that NPR has on the air with the thousands of wrong answers it gives each week. The brothers intent to keep writing the “Dear Tom and Ray” column that they do twice a week. The radio show was about getting laughs as well as giving advice on motors with the brothers Boston accents and byplay.

When a female caller admitting to breaking the clutches on ex-boyfriends’ cars and being afraid she was doing damage to her own the response was that might be why the relationships did not last.

Car Talking Ending?  NPR Show Comes To An End

Car Talking Ending? NPR Show Comes To An End