Recently, in one of America’s most popular supermarkets a woman named Alisha Halfmoon was accused and arrested for attempting to cook an illegal substance, methamphetamine. Eyewitness accounts have stated that she took various ingredients off the shelves of the store and began to cook the methamphetamine after she mixed them together.

Various shoppers alerted Walmart employees of a woman in the back of the store who was involved in suspicious activity, which was when the police were notified. By the time she had been caught she was already almost done mixing the ingredients to create the methamphetamine.

The chemicals she was making were allegedly dangerous to the surroundings; an officer had suffered from burns after he had been complaining about a burning feeling in his gloves. Alisha Halfmoon was arrested, and charged with the creation of drugs. Apparently the suspect had also had a prescription pad, which she was soon charged for.

Woman Caught And Arrested For Cooking Crystal Meth In Walmart