The 25th anniversary of President Ronald Reagan’s historic Tear Down This Wall speech will be celebrated on June 12, commemorating the US President’s challenge to Russian Mikhail Gorbechov to remove the famous wall separating east from west Berlin in Germany.

When Reagan delivered the speech during his second visit to Berlin in 1987, many staffers expressed fears that the phrase “tear down this wall” would only increase the already heightened tensions existing between America and the Soviet Union.

After hearing everyone’s objections, Reagan overruled them all, saying that he liked the phrase and decided to keep it in his speech.

When the President made his speech at the Brandenberg Gate near the historic wall, he was protected by bullet-proof glass to prevent any East German snipers from launching a sneak attack.

In November of 1989, Germany finally gave in and opened the Berlin Wall, proving that the four most famous words in Reagan’s presidency didn’t fall on deaf ears.