Casey Anthony’s private journals may go public at her upcoming trial.

Anthony who was acquitted in the murder trial of her young daughter is set to face another court.

This time Zenaida Gonzalez is suing her because Anthony blamed her daughter’s kidnapping on a woman with a similar name. Anthony had kept a private journal of her days behind bars ever since her initial arrest for her child’s murder.

These diaries are key to their case stated Gonzalez’s attorneys as they believe their client’s name is mentioned throughout the journals.

“Casey is going to be grilled by Zenaida’s lawyers about her journals because they believe that Zenaida is mentioned in them and that is relevant information that the jury needs to hear,” a source close to the situation tells “Zenaida’s lawyers could ask that Casey’s journals be admitted into evidence so the jury could read and review during jury deliberations. It’s expected that Casey’s attorneys are going to vehemently oppose that line of questioning and any action to get Casey’s journals in front of the jury.”

They want them revealed to the jury as evidence to assist the jury in their decision. Casey Anthony has hidden from the public since her acquittal, for the most part, guarding her privacy fiercely.

As a result, her lawyers are sure to fight against making her journals public as a violation of her rights and exposure of her innermost thoughts.

As we previously reported, Anthony has been in hiding in Florida since she was acquitted of murder, but has recently been making forays back out in to the public, virtually unrecognizable due to the amount of weight she has gained.

Casey Anthony Journals To Made Public For Trial

Casey Anthony Journals To Made Public For Trial