Atlanta police officer William Martinez died of a heart attack while having three way sex, but not with his wife. But it was his widow who was awarded a $3 million settlement from the court, contending that his physician was negligent in not warning him that strenuous sexual activity could prove fatal.

The 31-year-old officer was having a three-way sexual encounter with a male friend and a woman at an Atlanta airport motel when he suffered the fatal heart attack in 2009.

His widow had originally sought a judgment of $5 million against Dr. Sreenivasalu Gangasani but the jury found that the doctor’s misdiagnosis of Martinez’ heart condition was only 60% responsible for his death, while Martinez himself was ruled to be 40% responsible, thereby reducing the amount of money awarded down to $3 million. Attorneys for Dr. Gangasani, one of the owners of the Cardiovascular Group, said he plans to appeal the ruling.

Georgia Police Officer Widow Awarded $3 Million