Obama’s New Ad to Attack Romney

The political battle for President is on and the mudslinging is in full swing, no pun intended. President Barack Obama has decided to start the ad campaigning early seeing that Mitt Romney is the clear opponent that he is up against. This week’s ad start off where last week’s ad ended.

This ad attacks Mitt Romney for his time as governor of the state of Massachusetts from 2003-2007. The ad states that Massachusetts was number one for worst debt and that the state had more debt than any state per person. He also attacks the fact that the state had one of the worst jobs records during that time.

These ads are scheduled to run in a few select states, North Carolina, Florida, Iowa, Colorado, Ohio, New Hampshire, Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Nevada. While the President slams Romney these facts it is noted that during the time that Romney was governor the debt problem in Massachusetts did improve.

The fact that President Obama is even bringing up debt ratings and job ratings is ironic as he is the only President that has ever lost the credit rating of the Nation. He has not been able to deliver on balancing the nation’s debt with his time in office the last 4 years. He has also had one of the lowest job creation records of any of the Presidents to hold office.