According to reports, two teachers were charged with misdemanors for allowing a group of kindergarten students to slap a class bully.

A teacher at the Salinas Elementary School in Texas approached another teacher last month for advice about how to discipline Aiden Neely, 6, who she said “was a bully in her classroom,” according to a Judson ISD Police Department report.

Aiden when allegedly let to a kindergarten class where the students were told to hit him in order to “teach him why bullying is bad,” instructing them to “Hit him!” and “Hit him harder,” the report states.

The accused class bully, reportedly told his mother, Amy Neely, he was hit twice by each of his classmates following instruction from his teacher.

“He was hit on the head, in the face, on the back. And all the kids hit him twice,” said Amy Neely.

“He had friends in that class, and friends didn’t want to hit him, but the teacher instructed them to hit him.”

The names of the two educators were not released.

The Judson Independent School District near San Antonio fired the class teacher, and the district’s police chief charged the two with official oppression.

The district spokesman, Steve Linscomb who announced the teacher’s firing said, “Doing something that’s this far off the charts, doing what they feel like is teaching (students) a lesson; we’re not going to tolerate that.”

6-Yea-Old Bully Hit By Students Under Teachers Request

6-Yea-Old Bully Hit By Students Under Teachers Request