Sandusky Guilty

Guilty as charged on 45 out of 48 counts against Jerry Sandusky. The former Penn State assistant coach was accused of sexually molesting young boys that he met and befriended through his charity “Second Mile.”

The jury who reached their conclusions of Sandusky’s guilt took just over 20 hours to reach their decisions. They declined to be interviewed after the verdict was announced.

Sandusky, 68, appeared stunned as the jury read the verdict count by count.

The former coach will be formally sentenced in September. He is facing life term with a minimum of 60 years of prison time.

“He knows he did it,” prosecutor Joe McGettigan said in closing arguments as Sandusky stared at the jury, refusing to look at him. “Give them justice. Give him the justice he really deserves. Find him guilty of everything.”

The defense portrayed Sandusky as a victim of a vast conspiracy, suggesting that the victims were just trying to get money.

“They went after him, and I submit to you they were going to get him hell or high water,” his attorney, Joe Amendola, said in summations, adding that all his client wanted to do “was to help kids.”

His lawyers announced they will be filing an appeal of his conviction.

Outside the courtroom the crowd cheered as the verdict was announced, inside, the mother of Victim 6 did not claim victory.

“Nobody wins. We’ve all lost,” she said before hugging her son.

Jerry Sandusky Jury Reaches Verdict: Guilty On 45 Counts

Jerry Sandusky Jury Reaches Verdict: Guilty On 45 Counts