Today show’s Ann Curry is close to having a replacement named for her. Hota Kotb appears to be the front-runner for the position.

Kotb has been with NBC since 1998. Her ability to get along with co-host Matt Lauer is being seen as a crucial part of the choice. She also scored very high with focus groups after winning her battle with breast cancer in 2007.

“Hoda scores off the charts in focus groups, and the audience can relate to her,” an insider told She also has a good rapport with Lauer.

There are several other people who are rumored to be under consideration for the position. Either way, Curry is definitely out. The network wants to replace her before the Olympics takes place in July.

After dominating morning-show ratings for more than 10 years, “Today” has recently been knocked off its perch by ABC’s “Good Morning America.”

Ann Curry's replacement close to being named

Ann Curry’s replacement close to being named