Jerry Sandusky receives taunts in jail

Former Coach Jerry Sandusky has been receiving taunts in jail from the other inmates whenever he walks past them.

According to an inmate who was at the Center County Correctional Facility last winter, when Sandusky was first held in jail other prisoners could see him but had no direct contact with the now convicted child molestor.

The former inmate said that when the lights went out, the inmates would serenade Sandusky with a line from Pink Floyd’s “The Wall,” that says: “At night, we were singing ‘Hey, teacher, leave those kids alone.’ ”

The inmate named Josh, said everyone at the correctional facility knew who Sandusky was because they had access to television and newspapers.

Sandusky was convicted of 45 of the 48 charges against him. His son recently confessed to abuse as well.

Many web sites have raised questions about Sandusky’s future life in prison.

Slate: “In the social hierarchy of prison inmates, mob kingpins, accomplished bank robbers, and cop killers tend to get the most respect. Convicts who have committed crimes against children, especially sexual abuse, are hated, harassed, and abused. Many inmates refer to molesters as ‘dirty’ prisoners, and some insist that assaulting or killing them represents a service to society.”

NY Times: “Victimizers become vulnerable in prison, none perhaps so much as child molesters. In the hyper-macho world of a maximum-security prison, ‘baby rapers,’ as they’re called, are a common target of violence and frequently seek the sanctuary of protective custody.”

ABC News: “Child sex offenders are at risk of being murdered, having their food taken, having their cells defecated and urinated in. Their life is truly a living hell.”

Sandusky’s lawyer, Joseph Amendola, told CNN that his client will be held in protective custody until sentencing expected within 90 days.

Jerry Sandusky Draw Taunts In Jail:  "Hey Teacher Leave Those Kids Alone"

Jerry Sandusky Draw Taunts In Jail: “Hey Teacher Leave Those Kids Alone”