As the price for oil steadily fluctuate in price, American citizens continue to see the wildly fluctuating prices at the gas pumps. Gas buyers recently caught a break recently when the overall average dropped below four dollars. The downside is the drop is temporary and the price is expected to rise again once the demand for gas goes back up.

“Gulf Coast states benefit from having ready access to the refineries that are in the region,” says AAA spokesperson Michael Green. “In fact, Gulf Coast refineries produce the most gasoline of any region in the country, and generally have a surplus, which means they’re sending gasoline that’s made in Gulf Coast refineries to other parts of the country.”

It is recommended that patrons continue to use common sense and good judgment when it comes to conserving the gas in their tanks. Maybe one day, there will be some substance of lobbying to enforce a regulated top price to charge for gas.

No Good News About Rising Gas Prices