Alan “Dex” Poindexter, a former astronaut that went into space twice as a commander on the space shuttle died in Florida as a result of a jet ski accident. NASA sent regards to the family via Facebook late July 1, 2012 after learning of the accident. Poindexter was off Pensacola Beach, Florida near Little Sabine Bay with his sons when he had his jet sking accident.

The jet ski Poindexter was on with his 21-year-old son was not moving when his oldest son’s jet ski hit him. Poindexter died from the resulting injuries at the Pensacola Baptist Hospital. Alan Poindexter became an astronaut during 1998 and piloted the Atlantis’ STS-122 during 2008.

Astronaut Dex Poindexter Killed In Jet Skiing Accident