Storm Related Power Failures Are Coupled With Heat Wave

An estimated 2 million people are still without electrical power in the wake of severe storms that hit the east coast.

Even the spokesman for the president of the United States was not exempt. “Sorry you don’t have power. Neither do I,” White House press secretary Jay Carney emailed a reporter on Sunday.

“Pepco is not a federal agency,” Carney said, referring to Potomac Electric Power Company, the Washington-based utility, that was the target of many residents’ outrage.

The storms that hit on Friday have killed 22 people. That weather system has been followed by a heat wave which has raised concern for the welfare for people with health problems and the elderly.

In order to cope with the heat, residents have emptied stores of water bottles and struggle to replace spoiling food. The process of restoring power has been slow because repair crews have been overwhelmed by the scope of the storm system and its suddenness.

East Coast Storm Causes Massive Power Outages

East Coast Storm Causes Massive Power Outages