Heath Wave May Help Reduce Stink Bug Populations.

As America prepares to celebrate Independence Day again, U.S. Department of Agriculture reports show some possible hope leading to independence day from the stink bug.

While meteorologists all across the country are reporting record-breaking statistics for three-digit temperatures, this could be a blessing in disguise.

The sudden onslaught of extreme temperatures and storm patterns such as the East Coast experienced as June melted into July appears to be having a drastic effect on stink bug populations.

Apparently extreme heat and strong storms interfere with their breeding patterns and possible life cycles as well.

The government has acknowledged the increasingly smelly problem. The 2012 Farm Bill, which has yet to get through senate, contains an allocation of $831,000 to fund efforts to find a way to control the stinky insects.

The stink bug first reached the U.S. in shipping crates in 1998, reports the New York Daily News.

Heat Wave May Be Stink Bugs Worst Nightmare

Heat Wave May Be Stink Bugs Worst Nightmare