Olivia Munn and Bethenny Frankel Pole Dance Off

Actress, Olivia Munn who plays a financial reporter on The Newsroom appeared on the daytime talk show Bethenny this week to discuss the new movie Magic Mike.

At one point during the show Munn and Bethenny Frankel had a pole dance off. Two stripper poles were set up on stage so they can show their moves.

The challenge was to show off their stripper like pole skills.

Munn joked around on the pole and seemed a little uncomfortable then turned it over to Bethenny.

They did a little spin on the pole, entertained the audience and had a little fun while doing it.

After the attempted dance-off, the two talked about Munn’s role in ‘Magic Mike.’

“I would say good to quite good. We kind of like became kids. We had this shower scene that you don’t get to see,” Olivia said of her Magic Mike sex scenes with Channing Tatum. “We have like, you know, we have our little parts covered…ish. And we get up and we’re just kind of joking and improving and we just go ‘cheers’ (bump their groin area together). ‘Cheers!’”

Olivia Munn And Bethenny Frankel Attempt Pole Dance-Off

Olivia Munn And Bethenny Frankel Attempt Pole Dance-Off