Sean Payton Divorce: Another Blow To Maligned Saints Coach

Saints coach Sean Payton files for divorce

Sean Payton, coach of the New Orleans Saints just had his offseason get worse.

In addition to being suspended for a portion of the coming season which has cost him over $5 million in compensation for his role in the bounty scandal, Sean has filed for divorce from his wife Beth citing irrevocable differences.

The petition lists the grounds for divorce as “discord or conflict of personalities between Petitioner and Respondent that destroys the legitimate ends of the marriage relationship and prevents any reasonable expectation of reconciliation.”

The filings indicate that Payton has already moved out of his Westlake, Texas, home in the Dallas suburbs, where he lived with Beth Payton and their two children.

Perhaps the pressure from the bounty has added to discord in his marriage or perhaps the additional time off has led to Sean and his wife realizing that their marriage is simply not working.

Regardless, a bad offseason for Sean Payton has just somehow managed to get even worse.


Sean Payton has been suspended for one year, the team will lose its second round pick in 2012 and ’13 and pay $500,000, the league announced Wednesday.

Former defensive coordinator Gregg Williams, who orchestrated the program, has been suspended from the NFL indefinitely. Saints general manager Mickey Loomis faces an eight-game suspension. Saints assistant head coach Joe Vitt is also suspended without pay for the first six games of the 2012 season.

“The game doesn’t need to be played this way,” NFL commissioner Roger Goodell said on NFL Network. “We think that while it is a strong message, its an important one to send — that we need to protect our players.”

Sean Payton Divorce: Another Blow To Maligned Saints Coach

Sean Payton Divorce: Another Blow To Maligned Saints Coach