Heat Wave Far from Over

The heat wave for 2012 has covered most of the United States and caused heat related deaths.

According to MSNBC, Virginia saw the most heat-related deaths with 10, followed by Maryland (9) and Illinois (6). Three of the dead were children, with the rest adults between 45 and 83.

Heat advisories have been issued for a number of areas around the country as the temperatures continue to rise.

Some areas are experiencing heat of 100 degrees by noon with heat indexes reaching as high as 118 in some areas.

Nationally, some 1,184 daily record highs have been broken so far in July, said Andy Mussoline, a meteorologist at Accuweather.

“What you have is hot air sitting over the center of the country and the jet stream has pushed off to the north,” said Pat Slattery, a spokesman for the National Weather Service. “The normal weather pattern, with movement east to west, has been stopped by a dam of high pressure.”

The National Weather Service is not expecting the the heat wave of 2012 to end anytime soon. There are thunderstorms in some areas as a result of the heat but the temperatures are not dropping with the storms.

There are shelters in some areas for those that are without air conditioning since the danger from the heat is real.

UPI reports that more than 549,000 customers had no power as of Thursday night in 11 states and the District of Columbia, officials said.

“We’re starting to see light over the horizon; the only bad thing is the storms that we keep having that are knocking out the power that they do get restored,” Theresa White, emergency management director for Fayette County, W.Va., told CNN. “That makes it really hard when you finally get one step forward and you end up three steps back.”

Heat Wave 2012 Not Over Yet

Heat Wave 2012 Not Over Yet