Dentist HIV risk: Shocking HIV Scare Caused By Reused Dental Supplies

In the Denver area, a local dentist’s practice of reusing needles and syringes between patients has been exposed.

Investigators said, thousands of dental patients have recently been informed that they may have been exposed to HIV, as well as hepatitis B and C.

“This practice has been shown to transmit infections,” the statement said. It added that there had been no confirmed cases of anyone contracting the viral infections through Stein’s clinics.

Dr. Stephen Stein, whose license had already been previously revoked due to an unrelated incident, carried out this dangerous practice between September 1999 and June 2011. More than 8,000 people may have been affected.

The Huffington Post reported, Stein’s patients were sent letters from the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment warning of the needle misuse. However, Stein did not keep very good records, and more patients could be at risk.

Authorities are urging Stein’s former patients to be tested as soon as possible, and it is unclear at this time what penalties Stein will suffer. He does not face criminal charges at this time.

Stein’s lawyer, Victoria Lovato, said her client “is cooperating with the state’s investigation.”

According to a statement on the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment website, the two dental office locations where Stein practiced over the last 10 years are 8671 South Quebec Street, #230, Highlands Ranch, CO 80130, and 3737 East 1st Avenue, Suite B, Denver, CO 80206.

Patients should ask their health care provider for the following tests:

HIV antibody. If positive, reflex confirmatory testing with Western blot or other approved confirmatory methods should be performed.

Hepatitis C antibody. If positive, hepatitis C RNA (quantitative or qualitative) should be performed. (Reflex testing often is available for hepatitis C RNA.)

Hepatitis B surface antigen and hepatitis B core antibody should be done. Hepatitis B surface antibody also should be considered and is useful to determine immunity to hepatitis B.

The Denver Post reports that Stein is also under investigation for prescription fraud.

Dentist Put Over 8,000 Patients At HIV Risk With Used Needles

Dentist Put Over 8,000 Patients At HIV Risk With Used Needles