Search For Missing Iowa Girls Continues

Two young girls, Elizabeth Collins (8) and Lyric Cook (10), went missing on July 13, 2012 as they were taking an afternoon bike ride in their hometown of Evansdale, Iowa.

The residents of this small berg have shown overwhelming support for the girls and their families, and over 900 volunteers have combed the surrounding area since the girls’ disappearance.

“As we evaluate the accomplishments and results of the searches conducted this past weekend, we are not asking for any additional assistance from the general public,” Evansdale Police Chief Kent Smock said in an e-mail to CNN.

Currently, all volunteer search efforts have been suspended by the local authorities.

The girls mothers said they’re trying to stay positive.

“Today I’m feeling pretty good,” Misty Cook-Morrissey said Sunday. “Sometimes, when you think about it, you wonder if they’re dead somewhere, but you try to push those thoughts out of your mind.”

Police who are now past the critical 24-hour-window, are working with federal authorities.

“Every hour, you know, it makes it that much worse. The first 24 hours of course are very critical. We’ve obviously surpassed that now by quite a bit,” said Capt. Rick Abben, a chief deputy with the Black Hawk County Sheriff’s Office.

Police say that there is no evidence of foul play which means that an Amber Alert cannot be issued. Both girls’ families remain optimistic for their daughters’ safe return.

The girls’ grandmother, Wylma Cook, fears the girls have been abducted.

“Whoever has them, just turn them in, let them loose anywhere so they can call me,” Cook said. “Lyric knows my cell phone, she knows my house phone.

A reward of $15,000 has been raised in an effort to find the girls, the Register reported.

Missing Iowa Girls: Search Now Past Critical 24-Hour Period

Missing Iowa Girls: Search Now Past Critical 24-Hour Period