Residents in a Panic Over Six Foot Lizard on the Loose

Colorado residents are in a panic due to the escape of a six foot Nile Monitor Lizard. The enormous lizard is actually a household pet owned by a resident in Teller County.

The Nile Monitor Lizard escaped his owner’s back yard on Tuesday morning and is currently on the loose.

Residents have been warned by local officials to be cautious of the lizard and to carefully monitor their children and small pets.

The lizard, named Dino, is able to devour small children and pets if left unattended.

“It’s a large reptile, at least 25 pounds, and it can be aggressive. We want the people in those areas to know so they could keep on eye on their pets and small children,” said Teller County Sheriff Mike Ensinger.

According to Wikipedia: Nile Monitors can grow to about 9 ft (2.7 m) in length. They have muscular bodies, strong legs and powerful jaws. The teeth are sharp and pointed in juvenile animals and become blunt and peg-like in adults. They also possess sharp claws used for climbing, digging, defense, or tearing at their prey. Like all monitors they have a forked tongue, with highly developed olfactory properties.

The lizard’s owner, known as Gary, has stated that the animal is harmless even though the lizard may appear to be threatening.

“Even though they are strong, they look mean, they look aggressive, (but Dino) is not an aggressive animal.”

If you do come across this lizard, the best thing to do is call the sheriff’s office at (719) 687-9652.

Six-Foot Lizard On The Loose In Colorado

Six-Foot Lizard On The Loose In Colorado