Mario Batali Admits Craving for Doritos and Salsa

Mario Batali Admits Craving for Doritos and Salsa By USDA photo by Lance Cheung (Flickr: 20120524-OSEC-LSC-011.JPG) [CC-BY-2.0 ( or Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

When chef, restaurateur and cookbook author Mario Batali gets a snack attack, the celebrated Food Network star admits to a craving for Doritos and salsa.

Batali may be known world wide to his television fans and restaurant cliente for his ingenious recreations of Italian specialties, but when it comes to junk food, Batali’s heart is set on combining a classic Mexican dip with made in the USA snack chips.

But he admits he won’t settle for just any old corn chips, saying that he holds out for Doritos brand.

His favorite Doritos variety is the lime-flavored chips seasoned with chili. Batali’s favored Doritos and salsa snack combo is second only to gelato on his list of favorite junk foods, but this Italian frozen dessert probably would be a good match for enjoying right along with his chips and dip duo.