Newsweek "Hit The Road Barack" Cover Sparks Outrage

Newsweek “Hit The Road Barack” Cover Sparks Outrage

Newsweek Cover Causes Debate

Newsweek, a news oriented weekly magazine, made a bit of news itself with it’s most recent issue. Featured on the cover, is President Barack Obama and while that is not unusual in itself, the main story of the magazine caused a stir.

The cover story is titled “Hit the Road Barack Why We Need A New President.” It is an opinion article written by Harvard professor and Newsweek columnist Niall Fergueson.

The cover and article are stirring quite a bit of debate and of course, criticism. Most of the criticism comes from the political left, which tends to offer political support to President Obama and are often regular readers of the magazine.

“I don’t see this helping the Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan bid for the White House,” Carol Lowe, from Oklahoma, said. “The [Newsweek] article will only enrage the Democrats more. They will think they’ve lost one of their media outlets and work double time to slander and libel the Republicans on other news channels and newspapers.”

“I’m still shocked it at the cover,” Nancy Bowen, from Kansas, said. “I never thought I’d live to see ‘Newsweek’ cross Obama or any liberals. Their article will fuel a fire that won’t be out long past the 2012 election.”

Newsweek made a conscious decision to appeal to a wider range of readers with the lead article. Predictably, some have called for Ferguson to placed under review or even outright fired from his position at Harvard.

What do you think of the cover?