Lovejoy High School Scandal: Cheerleading Coach Resigns

Lovejoy High School Scandal: Cheerleading Coach Resigns

Lovejoy Cheerleading Coach Resigns While Under Investigation

Just south of Atlanta in Clayton County Georgia, the cheerleading coach at Lovejoy High has resigned after allegations that cheerleaders took off their clothes during a sleepover hosted at her house.

Back in July a game was played during the sleepover at the coach’s house which entailed the girls taking articles of clothes off or running laps around the track if they answered any questions incorrectly.

The girl also says a dozen cheerleaders were crowded inside a closet with nothing but their underwear on during the game, according to a Clayton County Sheriff’s report.

From the report:

[Teresa Reeves of the Clayton County School Board of Education] said the object of the game was to ask a series of questions and in doing so the person would have to answer the question beginning with “honestly.” Ms. Reeves said if the student did not answer the question correctly they would have to either run laps around the school track or remove an article of clothing. Ms. Reeves said the student could have their laps reduced if they choose to remove an article of clothing.

One of the cheerleaders told WSBTV the details of the sleepover to her mother after being too embarrassed to come forth with the information earlier.

“I’m just totally pissed off. It’s past upset. I’m pissed off,” the girl’s mother told the station. “What child ain’t going to try to fit in? They telling her this is what we do every year… Y’all do this every year? Really?”

Parents did sign permission slips for the girls to attend the sleepover, but it did not detail any games that were on the agenda. While the incident is under investigation, the coach has resigned.