According to police a Masters College student in Santa Clarita died after a large sand pit collapsd on him.

The Oxnard, CA, fire department confirmed Wednesday that 20-year-old Mingyu Sang died from injuries he suffered when the pit that he and other students had dug caved in around him at Oxnard Beach Park.

“I think the kids were just having fun on the beach,” said Battalion Chief Darwin Base of the Oxnard Fire Department. “There was a big group of them down there. They were taking pictures of each other and from what I understand the individual was laying back in the pit and taking pictures of his fellow students and that’s when it sloughed and came in on him.”

The 20-year-old was pronounced dead at Ventura County Medical Center.

The Oxnard Fire Department said in a statement that students from Masters College had dug the pit while spending the day at Oxnard Beach Park on Wednesday and the man became buried after climbing into it.

According to Darwin Base, a battalion chief with the Oxnard Fire Department the young man was apparently trying to photograph the hole from inside when the sand collapsed.

Rescuers used hand tools, including 5-gallon buckets and shovels, to locate the man.

The young man was rushed to Ventura County Medical Center with CPR in progress, but he was later pronounced dead, Base said.

Base said that digging large pits in the sand can be dangerous, and “it’s something people really need to know about.”