Marcus Jordan fined for disturbing the peace

Marcus Jordan, son of basketball legend Michael Jordan, has been fined $250 for disturbing the peace.

The incident occurred last month when Marcus was in Omaha for the U.S. Olympic swimming trials. He was arrested early in the morning after a call from the Embassy Suites hotel reported the exchange between Marcus and two women.

An off-duty officer is cited as saying that Marcus was “very animated, intoxicated and uncooperative” as he attempted to calm the scuffle between the two women and the NBA star’s son.

Charges of obstructing a police officer were dropped against Marcus after he went to the police station to apologize for the incident. Marcus was unaware that the man attempting to separate him from the two women was actually an off-duty officer that just happened to be in the area.

Lawyer Lefler has stated that “I can assure you, after 35 years of being a lawyer, it’s the first time I’ve ever heard of anybody going to the police station to apologize. He’s just been a sweet kid to work with.”