Cambridge, MA – The Boston Globe is reporting that that IVY league school Harvard acknowledges that perhaps up to half of the 250 students enrolled a course may have cheated on the take-home final.

The teacher’s aide marking the exams became concerned at the striking similarity in answers between students’ final exams. Some answers are reported to have been the same and others similar in the use of “long strings of words”.

Harvard University allows take-home finals but strictly forbids any collaboration between students on those exams. Therefore, if the alleged cheating can be proven those students will be in violation of the no-collaboration policy and will be subject to discipline which may be as mild as a warning or as severe as being compelled to withdraw from the school for one year.

Complicating matters further is that the course is taken by students of all grade levels so it’s possible some who cheated have since graduated.

It’s not known what Harvard would do to anyone who has already received their diploma. Harvard has not disclosed any names of students nor which subject is at the center of the controversy.