Queen Elizabeth II Rocks Hoodie While Driving Range Rover

Queen Elizabeth II Rocks Hoodie While Driving Range Rover: Image Credit USA Today

Queen Elizabeth Makes Fashion Statement

While pics showing Prince Harry in a naked Las Vagas romp continued to stir the social media pot, Queen Elizabeth was spotted driving a Range Rover while sporting a hoodie.

The photo, which quickly went viral, was allegedly snapped while the matriarch was on holiday in Balmoral, Scotland, reports Examiner.

Many have found the hoodie photo to be humorous but have found it more shocking to see the queen driving an SUV. She drove it back to the house after finishing a round of grouse hunting.

The 86-year-old Queen Elizabeth has had a full plate in the last couple of weeks. Aside from Prince Harry’s scandal, her husband, Prince Philip, has suffered from health problems, requiring two hospitalizations.

The upside of the hoodie photo is the distraction it provides from the recent tabloid headlines, which are bound to return if the rumors of a Prince Harry nude video prove to be true.