Nadia Lockyer (Credit: AP Photo/Orange County District Attorney office)

Nadia Lockyer (Credit: AP Photo/Orange County District Attorney office)

California Official’s Wife Arrested on Drug Charges

When Nadia Lockyer was discovered in Orange County, California in possession of methamphetamine while staying with her young son, she wasn’t just another doped-out housewife.

The 41-year old Lockyer is the estranged wife of Bill Lockyer, treasurer of the State of California. Now she faces charges not only for illegal drug possession but also child abuse, according to CBS.

Nadia Lockyer formerly held a government job as well, serving as a supervisor for Alameda County. She held that position for less than a year after her admitted dependency on drugs led to several embarassing situations and her decision to resign as supervisor.

An anonymous tip led to Lockyer’s drug paraphernalia being discovered at a relative’s home in Southern California. She has since pleaded not guilty to the felony charges and has entered a rehabilitation facility while awaiting a return to court.

71-year old Bill Lockyer has filed for divorce from his wife and is seeking sole custody of their son.