Gretchen Carlson Punk'd On Fox And Friends (VIDEO)

Gretchen Carlson Punk’d On Fox And Friends (Courtesy FOX)

Attempted Punk of Fox News

Yesterday on Fox News’ popular morning show “Fox and Friends” one of the three co-hosts was pranked during an interview with a self described former supporter of President Obama.

Gretchen Carlson became the target of the practical joke, reports the LA Times. The show had invited Max Rice on the show for an interview to explain why he was no longer a supporter of President Obama and why he was now a supporter of Team Romney. Rice was introduced as a recent college grad who was unemployed.

Things went south quickly when Rice called Carlson “Miss USA.” Carlson politely corrected him as she was a former Miss America. Carlson asked about why he had voted in Obama and why he changed his outlook. Rice claimed he met Obama in the third grade and was now a Romney supporter because he lost a basketball game.

Carlson eventually cut him off.

“Well, actually, we’re going to wrap this up now because I’m not so sure that you’re actually being totally serious,” she said.

“Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait,” Rice protested. “We’re not.”

“Yeah, I’m not sure that you’re ready for primetime yet with this interview,” Carlson said with a chuckle as Rice’s protests were abruptly cut off.

“Alright, we’re going to give Max another chance maybe when he’s ready to do the interview,” she added before moving on to the next subject.

Rice has since told The Raw Story that he was trying to prove that Fox News is a

“fake news organization.”

“They saw my [HIGH SCHOOL]commencement speech video, but they’re too stupid to realize that if I graduated in 2010, I wouldn’t graduate college until 2014,” he said. “That’s why I was so awkward in the interview. I wasn’t going to lie.