Paul Ryan Compares Botched NFL Call To Obama

Paul Ryan Compares Botched NFL Call To Obama By United States Congress [Public domain or Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Ryan Compares Refs to Obama’s Economy

Republican Vice Presidential candidate Paul Ryan took a shot at the failed economic policies of the Obama Administration yesterday.

Ryan criticized the bumbling and incompetent replacement NFL referees who blew a call on Monday Night Football that gave a win to the Seattle Seahawks over the Green Bay Packers.

Ryan proceeded to compare the replacement refs to the White House and its struggling economic plans drawing parallels between the two. Ryan said that watching the performance of the refs reminded him of the fact that if you cannot get it right, then “it’s time to get out.” The implication was clear that it was time for voters to make a change in the White House.

The NFL has been in an extended lockout with the regular referees since June. The still unsettled labor dispute has forced the NFL to use replacement refs for every game this season.