Yankees Sued by Stadium Waiters For Stealing Tips Kjetil Ree

Yankees Sued by Stadium Waiters For Stealing Tips (Courtesy Kjetil Ree)

Yankees Sued by Stadium Waiters For Stealing Tips

Three current and former wait staff members who serve the fans seated in the premium section of Yankee Stadium have filed a lawsuit against the ball team for allegedly stealing as much as $5 million in tips, reports Gothamist.

An automatic 20% gratuity is charged for foodservice in the premium seating area of the ballpark, but the waiters contend that the staff performing the work has never seen even a portion of that money.

Waiters are paid a flat rate plus commission, but are also entitled to the money that comes from gratuities on foodservice sales and that portion of their pay is the bone of contention.

The waiters contend in their legal action against New York Yankees Parternship and Legends Hospitality LLC that over the past 3 years, millions of dollars in tips were never distributed to the waiters.

“The Yankees are making so much money,” said Brian Schaffer, a lawyer for the concession workers who serve food and drinks to fans in the stadium’s exclusive box seats. “Why would they do this to hardworking kids? It’s corporate greed at it’s worst. The money that we’re talking about is peanuts to the Yankees.”

The lawsuit was filed as a class action suit, meaning that roughly 150 employees are included in the action.