Tiffany Webb Canned As Counselor Over Lingerie Photos

Tiffany Webb Canned As Counselor Over Lingerie Photos

Former NYC School Guidance Counselor Sues Over Firing for Pics

NYC school system guidance counselor Tiffany Webb was fired last December because sexy pictures of her in lingerie kept resurfacing on the Internet, according to reports.

“The inappropriate photos were accessible to impressionable adolescents. That behavior has a potentially adverse influence on her ability to counsel students and be regarded as a role model,” the members ruled.

Webb, 37, posed for a series of shots before applying for a job with the school system. According to her attorney, she disclosed the existence of the pictures to the Department of Education when hired in 1999.

Webb tells the New York Post, that she tried to put that life behind her.

‘I am a dedicated professional and enjoyed being a guidance counselor,’ she said. ‘I did my job well, and my students and parents thought very highly of me. I would love to return to (New York City schools) and resume the career I have chosen to help and guide students.’

The disclosure turned out to be detrimental for Webb. She was investigated three times for the sexy pictures and eventually transferred to, “the rubber room.”

A facility where school personnel show up and draw a paycheck but do not actual work. Webb was fired this past December, just before she was scheduled to make tenure.

Webb, who is now working as a teacher in New Jersey under a new name, is suing the NYC school system for wrongful termination, sex discrimination and violation of her First Amendment rights.