Baby Bones Victim Identified

Police forensic scientists have finally identified the bones of a young girl that were discovered in New Jersey woods in 2005.

They are the remains of 9-year-old Jon-Niece Jones who had been physically and mentally abused by her mother for years, and who police can now definitively state was ultimately murdered by her.

This was known as the Baby Bones case.

Once the identification of the girl’s bones was made, no arrest was made although police were able to name Jon-Niece’s mother, Elisha Jones, as the murderer. Elisha Jones died of natural causes just a few months after her daughter’s murder.

However, police did charge the girl’s aunt and uncle, Likisha and James Jones, and her aunt’s boyfriend, Godfrey Gibson, with covering up the crime and obstruction of justice.

All three helped transport the girl’s remains to the woods in Upper Freehold Township. Once there, they set fire to the body and then scattered it in the woods.

Assistant Prosecutor Marc LeMieux told ABC News Jon-Niece died “following years of abuse and neglect by her mother,” Elisha Jones. She died in 2002.

“This body was thrown into the woods,” leaving no opportunity to “be given the proper burial for what the mother has done to this child,” LeMieux said during a court appearance Wednesday by the three. He said Gibson drove the car containing Jon-Niece’s body to New Jersey.

The Baby Bones case received national attention in 2009 after investigators appeared on “America’s Most Wanted” to ask for help in solving the gruesome case.