Xbox Romance Results In Four Missing Teens (PHOTOS)

Xbox Romance Results In Four Missing Teens (PHOTOS)

Four Teens Missing After Xbox Romance

Four teenagers are missing after running away from home in Iowa. The teens are believed to have formed romantic partnerships over Microsoft’s Xbox 360 video game system using Xbox Live, a person-to-person gaming network.

One pair of teenagers Skie Floyd, 15, Jazlyn Visek, 15, Corey Sunderman, 16, and Austin Boggs, 13. The teens have been missing since Saturday afternoon, reports the Huffington Post.

Police believe the teens are driving. Tips have come in with possible sightings as far away as Kansas City.

“[The license plate] is similar to or the same as 288-STX and that is an Iowa plate,” the sheriff said.

“There is a possible plate number for the vehicle [they are believed to be driving],” Benton County Sheriff Randall Forsyth told The Huffington Post. “We had a person see the vehicle matching the description with this plate on it in the town the kids came up missing from. [The witness] actually pulled right up behind them in front of an abandoned house and wrote down the plate number.”

Sunderman’s mother told ABC News that she was unaware people could meet-up over Xbox Live. She claimed she refused to allow the teen to have a Facebook account for fear of meeting people.

“I don’t let him have a Facebook account because I don’t want him meeting people online,” Marsh-Sunderman said. “I didn’t realize they could do so much on Xbox.”

The teens are driving a Jeep Cherokee which is unregistered. They also had $400 stolen from Sunderman’s father before fleeing Saturday afternoon. Friends of the teens claim they are heading to Florida, but they could be driving to anywhere.